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Lost Cubert

The monotonous and repetitive work of an everyday man suddenly turns into an Escherian nightmare.

2014 | 5 - 10 | Animation | Fantasy | Germany | Work

Cubert’s life revolves around his monotonous and repetitive work. He repeats the same actions every day, in the cold gray of his small office. One day, however, he finds himself in a sort of parallel dimension that alienates him from reality, stuck in a giant multidimensional maze from which it seems impossible to escape. His desperate search for a way out will take him in a metaphysical dimension. Anyway, this happened only in his mind: Cubert continues to work mechanically, like an automaton.

The short film, a collaboration of three directors and animators (Jim SchmidtFelix Fischer e Carolin Schramm), is a claustrophobic allegory of the monotony of daily routines and the alienation that they cause. The inextricable tangle from which Cubert can’t escape is like an an Escherian nightmare, where doors and walls multiply and repeat endlessly. The technical quality is very high, the way that the 2D and 3D animations are at the same time flat and dimensional, in a swirling vertigo effect, is very interesting. The alienating atmosphere is perfectly built, also thanks to  an excellent sound design, which adds other disturbing elements in this story of ‘loss’.

Many films come to mind – the initial situation is very reminiscent of Terry Gilliam’s Brazil, the multidimensionality recalls Nolan’s Inception – but also his first short film  Doodlebug – and the presence of reality and imagination has something of Being John Malkovich, but the whole thing has its own unique originality, the three directors have been proficient in creating a vortex that sucks in the viewers.

The animators have also created a blog to document the various development stages of the animation.

Flavia Ferrucci

Flavia Ferrucci

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