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Men Buy Sex – by Alice Russell

A shortdoc about paid sex that will probaly trigger a very long discussion.

2015 | 5 - 10 | Commentaire | Documentary | Life & Society | UK

Men Buy Sex is the first documentary by Alice Russell and she chooses a quite delicate theme. She decided to tell three true stories of men who had paid for sex.  The lines at the beginning let us know that men are the major buyers od sex, and women the major sellers. Direct, rough and immediate, as only the truth itself can be, this short-doc comes straight to the point, without falling into moralism whatsoever: it’s up to the viewer to create his own opinion.

Probably there is a deep awareness about how sloppy paid sex can be. However, despite the strong words used to tell the stories, the range of emotions you feel watching the documentary could be different. You can go from the sort of hate for the first witness (a man who complains about the little attractiveness of the woman he has sex with), to the kind of tenderness for the last one, a man who sounds so lonely.

The thing that characterizes the most Men Buy Sex is that you don’t see any men at all; you just hear their voices. The actresses who are playing those voices give a shock to the public. They are so intense and visibly moved by what they’re saying. They are the way for those experiences to come out. This is Russell’s genius since, because of this expedient, you realize how unusual would be if women would talk like that (by the way, this doesn’t mean that they don’t).

Alice Russell has already worked closely with the various realities of our society. She had the chance to work with BBC, Channel 4, Al-Jazeera and Vice News, so you can understand her natural predisposition for describing the contemporary history. Men Buy Sex is current not only for its theme, but also for the way this theme is approached. Totally deserving the victory at SIMA (Creative Activism Impact Video Award).

Marta Zannoner

Marta Zannoner

Aspirante scrittrice, osservo la realtà spesso distrattamente. Per questo ricorro ai film, per prestare attenzione.

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