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Panorama – by Gianluca Abbate

A polis stretches away over an infinite global space with no more uninhabited places nor frontiers

2014 | 5 - 10 | Animation | Italy | Life & Society | Video Art

Panorama, world premiered at the International Film Festival of Clermont-Ferrand Short Film 2014, is the animated short film directed by Gianluca Abbate, winner of 2016 Silver Short and Best Short Film at the 32nd Torino Film Festival. More than a film, this is a hypnotic spiral. Panorama bring us in a world where there’s no space for anyone, and do this with absolute strength. The world in which the helmer is carrying us is a full world that runs himself on a precarious equilibrium made by perfect joints.

Panorama is the first chapter of a trilogy on the city. The video is a review on a polis that stretches away over an infinite global space with no more uninhabited places nor frontiers where we can take refuge. A video essay about cities, their spaces and the reflection about the vital space of each one of us. Anyone is constantly exposed to the presence of the other. There are no more frontiers or protections, exclusion exists no more. There’s just our presence inside an indistinct crowd. A world without proportions, balance or space.

Panorama is a film that stands between an experimental animated short film and video art. In seven minutes we are catapulted in a dystopian world that we end up to consider not so far away. For seven minutes, Panorama hypnotizes you and only once it’s finished, we can breath again and reconsider the space around us.

Anita Vicenzi

Anita Vicenzi

Vivo tra piante grasse, fumetti e Polaroid. L’unica cosa che mi divide da Alex Turner è il piatto di tortellini in brodo che mangio a letto mentre guardo The Walking Dead. Faccio la speaker a Radio M**Bun.


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