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Supermarket – by Gianluca Abbate

An invitation to make you fall asleep goes with us while a chaotic landscape sets up on the screen...

2018 | 5 - 10 | City Life | Experimental | Italy | Video Art

“I’d like you to make yourself at home, wipe all thoughts from your mind…”: thus begins Supermarket, the second instalment of the trilogy by Gianluca Abbate on contemporary society and the relationship between individual and landscape. A tale of the new cities that puts on a world in which living space is lacking precisely because of excess space.

The story begins with an invitation to free your mind and relax, while chaos invades the screen. This is the hypnotic and alienating element which characterizes Supermarket. An indistinct crowd doesn’t seem to know where to go, but actually they are all asleep and only want to dream. Smiling (and unaware) people taking selfie, boats full of migrants sailing to closed ports (another living space denied because of excess space), floating foods and street demonstrations are scrolling up on the screen. Until a surprising ending underwater, finally outside of our body.


The excess has risen to the right level in the dystopian world built by Gianluca Abbate. Premiered at Torino Film Festival 2018 (as his previous short film, Panorama), Supermarket uses same technique for all elements. The long horizontal shot from the previous short that spans across a city without borders comes to a stop to capture up close the people and their gestures immersed in a chaotic fluctuating space.

“The idea was thrown out observing urban spaces increasingly invaded by large banners or advertising screens,” Abbate explained. “These giant images, which often reproduce food and technological products and are visible behind people, create a grotesque vision. All this reveals to me how strange and unbalanced are not only the proportions between the individual and the images but also all the distortions of meaning that this entails.” The man will become a meta-organic hybrid of human and machine intelligence, according to inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil. Gianluca Abbate has visualized the technical-scientific excess and the wasteful consumer society that have already revolutionized our daily lives.

Alessandro Zoppo

Alessandro Zoppo

Editor-in-Chief @ Good Short Films

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