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The Chickening – by Nick DenBoer and Davy Force

A parody? Maybe. A trailer? Possibly. An animation? Partially. A short film? Why not.

2015 | 5 - 10 | Canada | Grotesque | Meta-Filmic | Mixed Footage

It’s not so easy to talk about what Nick DenBoer and Davy Force‘s The Chickening really is. A parody? Maybe. A trailer? Possibly. An animation? Partially. A short film? Why not.

Through the use of various digital animation techniques, and particularly of face-morphing, DenBoer and Force produce a sort of schizoid version of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. Without shooting ex novo any additional scene, the helmers use Kubrick’s original footage inserting in it distorted sounds, surreal dialogues and facial expressions superimposed to those of Nicholson & co. which are, hence, composed by eyes, mouths and traits of other people; all this chaotic deformations are surrounded by the hypertrophic presence of chickens. To be more clear, in this farcical delirium we’re witnesses of the transformation of Dick Hallorann into a bright green alien and of the twins into hip-hoppers. A process of extreme decontextualisation where we lose the disquieting atmospheres of Kubrick’s original, but where we find the same psychotic pattern turned into a hallucinatory state . More or less as Hunter Thompson would have watched Kubrick’s film under the effects of mescaline.

According to the voice over that, as in a trailer, ends The Chickening, we have been (or we will be?) audience of “a new twist on the classic tale of horror,” an alternative narratation that springs from Kubrick’s original. We don’t know if we can trust DenBoer and Force, but a defintion from Urban Dictionary of the verb “to chicken” tells: “When you are extremely mad/excited/sad that you almost do it in your own pants”. Well, not so far.

Francesco Bozzi

Francesco Bozzi

Nato nel 1989, mi sono laureato in Letterature comparate alla Utrecht University nel 2015 ma, fuggendo l’accademia, cerco di scrivere del cinema che guardo, dello sport che seguo, e della muscia che sento.

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