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The Christmas Light Killer

A man spends his December nights shutting down the power for a huge holiday light show. What is his point?

2015 | 5 - 10 | Community | Documentary | Live-Action | Mockumentary | USA

Every night in December people in a small suburb of Philadelphia flock to a holiday light show. They drive at a snails pace through the 2 mile stretch of beautiful light displays, listening to holiday music, soaking up the Christmas spirit. But at the end of each night one man drives the stretch alone, turning off all of the lights, ending the joy day after day. Why does he do that? This is his story.

Stunning music score:
“Just Like Christmas” – Low
“Christmas Melodies” – Paul Whiteman
“Christmas Bells” – Robert Gayler
“Noel” – Vientian Trio
“It’s Christmas Time” – Yo La Tengo

Check out another James P. Gannon’s short film with similar style: Smoke Bomb Boys.


Tommaso Fagioli

Tommaso Fagioli

Founder @ Good Short Films. Fond of great stories, great thinkers, great food. My motto is: your motto.

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