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The Provider

Black comedy, horror, dystopia and science fiction come together in Brianne Nord-Stewart's short.

2011 | 5 - 10 | Canada | Dystopia | Horror | Retro

It’s the 1940s, but we’re in  a dystopian, alternate reality where human survival is threatened. A man seeks refuge in the house of a small town’s doctor, expecting to find a safe place. Soon he’ll discover that the family is not at all the nice one he’d expected. Black humor, horror and gore blend together in this short film by Brianne Nord-Stewart, who imagines a world in which history took a different course, as the Japanese use biological warfare to take revenge on the West for the atomic bomb.

Changing historical events in order to create strong metaphors on the contemporary world  is a frequently used device in modern cinema and literature. The peculiarity of the Canadian director’s work lies in the effective portrait of this grim reality through a dark and sinister irony. The embalmed  girl – an highly disturbing element -the grotesque expressions of Mrs. Applebee, Mr. Connor’s wound, all stand as metaphors aimed at revealing the dark truth of this family.

Flavia Ferrucci

Flavia Ferrucci

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