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Three Fitted Flies – by Sois de Traca

Bereavement between faith and superstition: the amazing 2D animation by the Spanish collective

2015 | 5 - 10 | Animation | Anthropology | Grotesque | Spain

Three Fitted Flies (Tres moscas a medida) is a 2D animated short film directed by the Spanish directors María Álvarez and Elisa MoraisSois de Traca is the name they gave to their filmmakers collective. Three Fitted Flies was produced during a two months artist in residence program in Kaunas, Lithuania. The short takes inspiration from small provincial realities, full of faith and superstition. As the story of this old woman trying to bring her late husband back by means of twisted rituals.

Bereavement has magical contours, between feelings of guilt and lack of resignation. Drawings and colours are simple in this short, María Álvarez and Elisa Morai have chosen an elementary style, like the vision of the world that Three Fitted Flies tries to represent. The life of the old widow has no more depth, crushed by the loneliness and the weight of guilt. The soundtrack, which mostly reproduces the experience of direct sound, is characterized, in some parts of the short film, by sound short circuits, which could symbolically represent the emotional short circuits in the woman’s mind.

Three Fitted Flies has been screened in over forty festivals including Annecy, Hiroshima, Stuttgart and Ottawa. The movie won the TAFF Grand Prix at the Turku Animated Film Festival and the Anča Award at the Fest Anča in Žilina, Slovakia. It was also ranked 9th in the Top Industry Survey of 2016’s Best Animated Short Films by Zippy Frames.

Chiara Pascali

Chiara Pascali

Digital Strategist. Particolare inclinazione verso la continua ricerca del nuovo e del bello. Cinema, letteratura e musica i linguaggi che preferisco per sondare la realtà che mi circonda.

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