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All Men Are Called Robert – by Marc-Henri Boulier

An anxiety run through a brutal truth

2010 | 5 - 10 | Dystopia | France | Horror | Live-Action

A naked and scared young man runs through the woods, chased by someone. His confused and desperate run is combined with disturbing calls for help, pronounced by a female voice, and with bullets, shot from the one who’s chasing him. When the man reaches a clearing, he is exposed to his chasers.

Surrounded by a grey atmosphere, the contrast between man and nature is built as an anxiety thriller, with an allegorical plot twist at the end, which shows at its best the burning power of the short form. The work of Marc-Henri Boulier, his second short film, plays with an “eloquent mutism.” Therefore, there are no dialogues, the only human voice is the creepy female scream which calls for Robert.

All Men Are Called Robert, produced in France by Insolence Productions and R! Stone Productions, plays with roles in order to reflect on lights and shadows of the human nature. And this is made with an insistent rythm, a desaturated photography, with sounds that anticipate images and try to dominate them. Above all, the woman voice that calls Robert witnesses the sympathetic counterpart of human nature, that in this way can get redemption from the horror that sometimes it creates in nature.

The short film has been produced with a 25,000 euros budget, and its premiere has been at the Montréal Fantasia Festival in 2010. The short received more than 40 awards from about 140 festivals around the world. After Juliet in 2015, selected in competition at several festivals such as Fantasporto in Portugal and the International Short Film Festival in Séoul, the helmer Marc-Henri Boulier is currently developing his firt feature film, Echos, which is still produced by Insolence Productions.

Elena Ciofalo

Elena Ciofalo

Laureata in Comunicazione a Palermo e in Cinema a Torino, amo cercare, guardare e parlare di film, leggere Dylan Dog e viaggiare. Ho una particolare passione per i Paesi dell’Europa post-sovietica e per la Norvegia, dove ho lavorato in una fattoria.

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