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The Cat Piano

A noir animation, set in the jazz feline underworld, narrated by Nick Cave's charming and mysterious voice.

2010 | 5 - 10 | Animation | Australia | Crime | Noir | 2010

A “feline” film noir with “beatnik” nuances: that would be the best way to describe The Cat Piano, an Australian animated short film directed by Eddie White and Ari Gibson for The People’s Republic of Animation (PRA), an Australian animation studio that produces award winning animated short films, series and video game trailers. The film is narrated by Nick Cave’s recognisable deep and mysterious voice. The story unfolds through a smooth poem written by Eddie White. It is a gripping and sexy animation, set in the cat jazz underworld and a backdrop bearing resemblance to Budapest.

Life is sweet and the music is purring, but everything changes when a series of mysterious disappearances of singing cats happen, shaking the city to its core. The story unfolds through the lips of our main character – the poet cat. When his love interest becomes one of the victims, the poet cat decides to act and find out about this obscure “cat piano”. He will find why and who is responsible for those disappearances, which are spiralling the town into paranoia and violence, and breaking his heart by taking away his beautiful pussycat.

The Cat Piano is one powerful short with a swathing narrative and a very strong visual identity. It delivers what is promised. It’s mysterious, smooth and Nick Cave’s bottomless voice makes it particularly captivating. It was awarded the Dendy Award for Best Short Animation at the 2009 Sydney Film Festival, Best Short Animation award at the Melbourne International Film Festival 2009 and won both the IF and AFI awards for best short animation. No wonder it was also nominated for the Oscar in 2010.

You do not want to miss a beat!

Marie Winckler

Tommaso Fagioli

Tommaso Fagioli

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