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An innovative thriller starring Kevin Spacey, set in the Russia's Cold War era.

15 – 20 | 2012 | Live-Action | Mistery | Russia | Thriller

Some feelings are universal. The apprehensive await for a the mailman and the important letter he’s bringing. Evgeniy’s passion since he was a child is to send letters around the world, making up names and addresses and waiting for the envelope to come back to him adorned with exotic stamps and their colourful imagery with the note: “Wrong address”. His collection is soon to be completed. His last letter is destined to New Zealand: Haydberdvill, Ratbich street, house number 7.
The story takes a turn when, at Evgeniy and his wife’s surprise, he receives an answer back thanking him for his kind condolences. In a spy infected 1985 Soviet Union is there such a thing as coincidence? Inspired by the mysterious life and death of Evgeny Petrov – which I encourage our readers to look into – this 17′ short movie is a proof that a good thriller is not valued by its length but by the strength of the narrative.
Kevin Spacey‘s performance is, as expected, brilliant and the short film leaves you with a curious and somewhat very poetic feeling. The director, Aleksey Nuzhny, at the time 27 years old, attests to a lot of maturity and shows a lot of skilfulness in story telling. At Good Short Films we are also always happy to support any project encouraging young and talented short film makers and Jameson first shot film project is one of them.
Marie Winckler
Tommaso Fagioli

Tommaso Fagioli

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